by Black Jake & The Carnies

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Live from Billy's garage, this quick and dirty vengeance ditty was squeezed out one dark night right in the face of the infamous Ypsilanti Mystery Pooper. Having personal experience with the Poopslider's leavings, we felt we had a moral duty to drop this little number fast, then sit back and watch the fun. Death to the Poopslider!!!



Down in Ypsilanti Michigan's Prospect Street
There's a mystery man we all hope to meet
He soiled our kids and smeared our pride
Dirty low down man who's pooping on the slides

You may think it's funny, may think it don't hurt
But messing with our kids is lower than dirt
You better run, you better hide
Get a Depot Town beat down up your punk Poopslide

Oh Poopslider

We're staking out the park, the gang's all here
You look around seeing if the coast is clear
You climb the ladder and drop your drawers
Rush you out of nowhere, put our foot up yours

Depot town militia, neighborhood watch
We'll beat you with a sack of doorknobs in your crotch
And after we catch you, we'll do much worse
Better hope the cops’ll find you first

Oh Poopslider

You're a twisted pervert around little kids
You're a bad bad dog, look what you did
hide and run, we'll find and chase
Drop a half a dozen deuces on your face

Hey mystery pooper that shit's just mean
We're gonna run you down with our mystery machine
Better lay low and go to gulch
Or we'll grind you up into playground mulch

Oh Poopslider!


released May 10, 2014
Jake Zettelmaier
Andy Benes
Gus Wallace
JC Miller
Billy The Kingpin LaLonde
Jeff Friesen



all rights reserved


Black Jake & The Carnies Ypsilanti, Michigan

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